Educational tools tackling gender-based cyber violence

The project „Community-based educational tools for the prevention of cyberbullying and cybervictimisation” aims at creating educational tools that will enable the prevention and combat of gender-based violence (GBCV) by developing new skills, and building the capacity of the partnering organization to work transnationally. The project intends to upgrade a set of new ICT skills and enable change at the individual and organizational level that will transform them into full-fledged entities being able to face the future challenges linked with the upcoming new forms of GBCV.

Project is cofinanced by European Union within the Erasmus Plus program and run in cooperation with Victim Support Malta (VSM).

The project implementation will be broken down into five work packages (WP) which will lead to producing the project’s planned activities:
WP1: Preparing educational tools and increasing professional skills of the partnership staff members
WP2: Empowering communities and local stakeholders on gender-based cyber violence through pretesting and pilot actions
WP3: Preparing for mobilities and networking activities
WP4: Communication and dissemination actions
WP5: Project management.

The project expected deliverables will be as follows:
1) three training schemes for the staff members and professionals of the partnership on GBCV
2) a final publication
3) a pilot action supported by testing and report on how to run social awareness campaigns tackling gender-based cyber violence addressed to local stakeholders
4) a set of graphics and text materials on GBCV ready-to-used social media
5) a thematic seminar for 40 participants dedicated to ICT gender-based violence issues.